Mass Renamer

A few weeks ago Canonical launched a competition called Showdown to promote their appstore, I've built a small free app to take part to the contest.

The app is called Mass Renamer and it's useful to rename files to follow a single "naming rule".

I had this problem mainly with TV shows with subtitles, and Mass Renamer can easily solve the problem (as the picture shows).

You'll find soon the linux version in the Ubuntu App Store, I'll make windows and mac versions available from this site in the next weeks.

Mass Renamer is a GUI application written using GTK.

The app let you choose a radix and a naming scheme and offers a realtime preview of the operation. You can have one or two indexes as the screenshot show.

There is also a command line version of it in the distribution, mr.

Actually the application is hosted in launchpad here:

I will make sources easily accessible to not ubuntu users soon!

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