Eat The Whistle 3.6 released!

After more than a year of (apparent) inactivity a new version of Eat the Whistle has been released!

This version is mostly a cleanup of the codebase that has been largely improved. A lot of stability bugs have been fixed, most compiler warnings have been removed and so on (read the body of this article for details).

This release is available with a binary installer for Windows (95 to Vista), MacOSX (10.3.9+, universal binary) and Linux (almost every distro, uses Autopackage as binary installer). This version is also the first one with AROS support (in alpha stage).

Detailed list of the changes:

  • Moved development to SVN from CVS.

  • Improved file access endian-safe code.

  • Optimized image loading/blitting

  • Removed a pair of memory leaks

  • Fixed a bug in replay handling that caused replay "weirdness" or crash in some situations

  • Fixed a problem with audio initialization that could crash the game while starting or ending a match

  • Most of the structs/variables/comments that was in italian has been translated in english. Actually the code is also easier to be contributed.

  • The linux version now uses autopackage as packaging method and binreloc to find his datas.

  • Improved OSX distribution

  • Fixed a problem in Win32 uninstall procedure

  • Added support and a makefile to build ETW on AROS operating system.

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