GGMud 0.8.0 released

Major version release of my MUD client, GGMud, ready the article body to for the new 0.8.0 features.

Click here to download a binary installer for Linux, Mac or Windows. Source code is available, as usual.

Changes since version 0.7.0:

- Added button handling (horizontal/vertical), configurable through a new panel or with the commands #hbutton, #vbutton, buttons can also be detached from main window and float on your desktop.

- Added new trigger special character $ to handle line termination in a similar way of ^ for line start.

- Add a toggle to hide ggmud windows from the taskbar (useful if you want people not to notice you have GGMud opened!)

- Add a better font configuration, now you can have 3 different fonts for interface, input line and output window.

- First alpha version of OSX native version (does not require X11), actually only for intel and with a few bugs in the GUI images handling, seems stable and fast anyway.

- Fixed a lot of bugs (including the infamous variable bug in #math command).

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