GGMud webpage opened!

The new GGMud home page is now online!

GGMud is a FREE crossplatform mud client available for Windows / OSX / Linux. It supports most features a modern mud client needs, and has a lot of extras! GGMud is released as opensource under the GPL licence.

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Here is a feature list of GGMud:

  • ANSI 16 color output with split screen review buffer

  • Separate input line with history

  • Connection wizard with autologin

  • Aliases

  • Triggers (with class support)

  • Highlights

  • Gags

  • Numeric keypad walking

  • Speedwalks

  • Variables and if clauses

  • Tintin configuration import

  • Partial ZMud configuration import

  • Macros with keybind editor

  • Multiple windows support

  • Timers

  • FULLY scriptability through LUA

  • Logging

  • ASCII file configuration files to be as portable as possible and editable by hand

  • SOCKS 4/5 support

  • MCCP support

  • Telnet protocol emulation

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