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The tick counter

What is a tick

Combat oriented muds often divide the time in ticks to simulate mana and health regenerations, so it may be very useful to know WHEN the tick occurs to be able for instance swapping equipment right before the tick to raise your regaining abilities or to avoid to start fighting a monster right before your spells expire.

The tick counter feature is made to help you with this kind of problems. You can see the counter in the bottom right corner of the main window, you must synchronize it to the MUD with the #tz command to start it.

Tick length & synchronization

The length of the tick may vary from mud to mud, for instance in Diku-based muds is often 75 seconds. To synchronize the tick counter with the MUD and keep it synchronized while you play, you have to set the tick length to the exact length of the mud you are playing.

The best way to do this is to define a few triggers on spell flickering and enviromental messages (day/night/rain...) that force the synchronization through the command #tz, for example:

#action {white aura starts to flicker} {#tz}
#action {day has begun} {#tz}
#action {night has come} {#tz}

Once the counter is activated you will see a warning like this one on the main window:


... 10 seconds before the tick occurs, you can use this warning to activate a trigger, if you don't like to perform your tick actions 10 seconds before tick you can use the #wait command to postpone them, for example:

#action {^#10 SECONDS} {#wait 5000;rest;rem damage-ring;wear regain-ring}

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