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Changing text color

The window and say commands let you display some text on a the main window or in a different window, you can use the same syntax you use in DIKU-derived MUDs to change the colors of your items or of the chat messages to change the color of the text on your client window.

For instance if you use the command:

#say $C0015SANC ENDED!

You will display the text SANC ENDED in light white (ansi color 15). Obviously the color will be different if you have remapped it by hand with the Colors menu item.

Here is a simple table of the available color codes. Using the syntax $Cxxxx you can use any of the sixteen available colors both as foreground and background and also as blinking colors (if you have enabled blinking). The first digit of the color code is the color mode, if 0 you'll see normal text, if 1 the background will have a full intensity color, if 2 the text will be revered, if 5 the text will blink. The second digit is the background color, it can go from 0 to 7, if the first digit is 1 it will use colors from 8 to 15. The last two digits of the color code are the foreground color, this can go from 00 to 15.

Dark colorsLight colors
Color Code Color Code
black $c0000 dark gray $c0008
dark red $c0001 light red $c0009
dark green $c0002 light green $c0010
brown $c0003 yellow $c0011
blue $c0004 light blue $c0012
purple $c0005 light purple $c0013
cyan $c0006 light cyan $c0014
gray $c0007 white $c0015

Other examples:

Blinking white: $c5015
Yellow on light green bg: $c1011

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