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Aliases & Macros


Alias window Aliases are mud shortcuts to perform one or more actions with a single command.

An alias can be defined through the GUI window activable with the menu item Aliases in the Tools menu or through the commandline command #alias. The syntax is the following:

#alias {shortcut} {command list}

The parameters of the command are the same as the textbox in the GUI window and have the following meanings:

Calling #alias without parameters will list all your user defined aliases in the main window.

To remove an alias you can use the command #unalias with the shortcut as parameter or with the Delete button on the alias window with the alias you want to remove selected in the alias list (this is the preferred method).

Remember to save your aliases once done with the Save button in the alias window. Aliases are load and saved from the ASCII file $HOME/.ggmud/aliases (on win32 INSTALLATIONDIR/bin/aliases), aliases are saved as a sequence of #alias commands, one per line.

The only way to disable an alias without deleting it is to globally disable parsing or starting your command line with the verbatim " character (double quote). Alias anyway are parsed ONLY if they start at the beginning of a line or after a separator character ; (semicolon).



Marco window Macros are a way to perform one or more actions with a single keypress.

Bultin macros

Actually GGMud has a few builtin macros for character movement, at the moment these macros are hardcoded in the numeric keypad and cannot be changed, to be able to use them you should keep the NUM LOCK key pressed. This is the keyboard layout, future version of GGMud will let you customize it:

Numeric keypad macros
7 8
1 2

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