G G M u d

...a new powerful, opensource and multiplatform MUD client.

How it's born?

This program is born since I was not able to find a client with the feature I need on Linux and MacOSX.

I have a MacOSX notebook, a Linux desktop at work and a W2000 desktop at home, and I wanted to use the same client on all those machines.

So I've started looking at the available opensource clients.... There are a lot of opensource clients but I've not found one enough similar to ZMud to be satisfied of it. I was impressed by the TinTin++ feature set, so I choose to use it as base for my project, and I liked the semplicity of the SClient window handling code, so I put them together and started working on it.

Where can I use it?

GGMud wants to be as portable as possible, provided the target system has a GTK 2.x implementation. Actually I'm developing and supporting actively Linux, Windows and MacOSX versions, but it can be easily built on every system with that GTK2 supports. The latter one needs the Apple X11 server (X11User.pkg, available in Panther and Tiger installation DVDs), most users already have it since it's needed to use GIMP!

Ok, what are the features?

Here is a short summary of GGMud features:
  • ANSI 16 color output with split screen review buffer
  • Separate input line with history
  • Connection wizard with autologin
  • Aliases
  • Triggers (with class support)
  • Highlights
  • Gags
  • Numeric keypad walking
  • Speedwalks
  • Variables and if clauses
  • Tick counter for tick based muds
  • Tintin configuration import
  • Partial ZMud configuration import
  • Macros configurable through keybind editor
  • Support for SOCKS 4/5 proxies
  • MCCP (mud compression protocol) support
  • Telnet emulation support
  • Multiple windows support
  • Timers
  • Configurable button bars
  • Full font configurability
  • FULLY scriptability through LUA
  • Logging (and possibility to have a HUGE review buffer that you can dump to disk in any moment)
  • ASCII file configuration files to be as portable as possible and editable by hand

What's the future of this project?

Well, I use it daily so I'd like to make it as complete as I can, anyway my "target" is to reach a feature set comparable with the ones of ZMud 4.6x. That's not as far as one can think. If you want to contribute check the project page hosted on SourceForge.

Another option to contribute to the development of GGMud if you are not a skilled C programmer or if you don't have enough time to do so or if you REALLY like my job is to donate to this project!
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Ok, where is the download page?

Click here or on the link on the sidebar on the right!


Last update: 6 Dec 2007